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A consultation is often the first step in dealing with sleep disorders. In addition to a general practitioner, patients may be required to see a specialist.

The sleep specialist will review with you your sleep complaints, your sleep-wake rhythm and associated symptoms (snoring, breathing pause, sleepiness, concentration difficulties…) in order to determine the examinations to be carried out, in order to specify your diagnosis.

Examinations and tests

The Cenas is equipped for the investigation and analysis of sleep disorders and carries out the examinations within the center.


The polysomnography is the most complete reference examination to study the structure of sleep and detect possible disorders.


Capnometry is used as a complement during polysomnography.

Pulse oximetry

Oximetry is a nightly recording that measures the level of oxygen in the blood.


A small bracelet (actimeter) placed on the wrist, determines the patient’s sleep/wake rhythm over several weeks.

Ventilatory polygraphy

The ventilatory polygraphy looks for respiratory markers and oxygen levels in the patient’s blood during sleep.

Daytime tests

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) and Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT)


Several treatments for sleep disorders can be implemented together :