Consulting with a sleep specialist

You suffer from a sleep disorder and this has a significant impact on your day ?

Consulting is often the first step to consider when faced with a sleep disorder. In addition to advice from your general practitioner, some cases may require a specialist’s opinion.

With its network of sleep specialists and more than 30 years of expertise in sleep care, the Cenas sleep medicine centre provides comprehensive care for sleep disorders.

The process


Contacting us
Your doctor can contact the secretariat of the Cenas Sleep Medicine Centre to arrange an initial consultation.


Initial assessment
The first consultation allows the sleep specialist to evaluate the nature of your problem. In most cases, you will then be asked to perform a diagnostic test.


Diagnostic tests
The Cenas Sleep Medicine Centre offers a complete range of examinations. They can be performed at distance or at the center. The duration and complexity of the assessment differ according to your pathology.


Care and support
Following the examination, you will be informed of the result and we will suggest a treatment or therapy adapted to your pathology.

Pronounced symptoms
consultations,sleep consultation
Drowsiness and fatigue
consultations,sleep consultation
Difficulty concentrating
consultations,sleep consultation
consultations,sleep consultation

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and anyone can be affected by sleep disorders.

If necessary, your GP can refer you to the Cenas sleep medicine centre for a specialised consultation to diagnose potential sleep or wakefulness disorders.

This first step will allow us to assess which examinations should be carried out to refine the diagnosis.

These symptoms should alert you and be reported to your doctor

Our sleep consultants

Directrice médicale, Médecin psychiatre et psychothérapeute FMH, Capacité en médecine du sommeil SSSSC

Neurologue FMH, spécialiste en médecine du sommeil SSSSC