Talking with my GP

Are you experiencing sleep disturbances ? Do you feel tired to a point where it affects your daily life? These symptoms should alert you and prompt you to consult your GP. They can offer you guidance and refer you to a sleep specialist for a consultation.

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Why is this important ?

Chronic sleep deprivation can be very harmful. In some cases, it can lead to sustained health problems. The repercussions are numerous and diverse, both on physical and psychological functions: risks of obesity, diabetes, depression or even occupational accidents.
It is essential to diagnose potential sleep disorders as soon as possible. Your GP is your primary contact point; he will listen to you and inform you of treatment options.

What’s next ?

Your GP will need to provide us with the external examination application form so that you can make an appointment at our centre for a consultation and/or a sleep examination. Cenas sleep specialists will make a detailed assessment of your sleep, carry out a physical examination and assess which test is most appropriate for you.

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