Actimetry is a sleep examination conducted on an outpatient basis. With a wrist-worn actimeter, this examination allows for the analysis of the patient’s sleep-wake cycle and provides important data to the sleep specialist for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Why should you take an actimetry test?

Actimetry is a non-invasive alternative to laboratory polysomnography that provides valuable data for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders, especially circadian rhythm disorders. Conducted at home, it also allows for long-term patient monitoring to assess treatment effectiveness and the progression of sleep disorders. However, for more precise diagnoses, particularly to detect respiratory disorders such as apnea, actimetry should be performed in addition to nocturnal ventilatory polygraphy.


The process of actimetry

Actimetry is conducted on an outpatient basis at home. Once you retrieve your device from the Cenas center, place it on your non-dominant arm and keep it on your wrist for the duration specified by the sleep specialist. Alongside actimetry, the sleep diary is filled throughout the day with regular annotations, as per the duration defined by your doctor. Upon completion of the examination, remove the actimeter upon waking up and return it to the Cenas center. The results will be analyzed and forwarded to the prescribing physician.

How to set up your actimeter ?

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