Sleep and Nutrition in the spotlight during the 15th Sleep Day

Sleep hygiene

We announced it a few weeks ago, on March 27th, the 15th Sleep Day took place throughout France, focusing on the theme ‘Sleep and Nutrition’.

Numerous activities were organized by sleep centers to inform the general public: collective power naps, workshops, booths, and conferences. In neighboring France, the Argonnay Clinic near Annecy, for example, offered three conferences reminding attendees of the nutritional rules for good sleep or staying awake, while discussing the links between nutrition and sleep disorders. We’ve all experienced difficulty falling asleep at some point due to excessive caffeine or a heavy meal. However, the intricate connections between nutrition and sleep are much broader, and scientists have been studying them for many years. In 2012, for instance, Cenas hosted a symposium on the same theme featuring several sleep specialists: pulmonologists, researchers, and nutritionists. It was an opportunity to review scientific advancements and emphasize how nutrition and sleep can interact.

For valuable advice on sleeping better and at the right time, we recommend revisiting the article ‘Sleep and micronutrition: unknown connections’. Also, remember that a practical workshop conducted by our partner Efficium will take place in our premises on May 20th, combining sophrology exercises and nutritional guidance to regain healthy sleep. Registration is available on our partner Efficium’s website.

By Audrey Charial, Nutritionist and Micronutritionist.