2014 Sleep Congress in Tallinn

Did you know ?

From September 16 to 20, 2014, the 22nd Sleep Congress of the European Sleep Research Society took place in Tallinn, Estonia, attracting around 1,500 participants at each edition.

The European Sleep Research Society is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2005, whose aim is to promote sleep-related scientific research, improve patient care and disseminate the latest information through the bimonthly Journal of Sleep Research. Their congress is an opportunity for sleep professionals to come together to exchange ideas, share experience and learn about the latest advances.

Françoise Cornette, our specialist psychologist, and Ashok Lalji, our nurse-technician, were present. They were accompanied by Dr José Haba-Rubio, neurologist and member of the Cenas medical committee. They were able to attend several of the 69 conferences and round tables on offer. In particular, the subject of teenage sleep was discussed at length. We’ll come back to this in a full article.

A new addition to the treatment family has been spotted: the sleep position trainer. Tested in a number of studies, this small device provides positional treatment to reduce snoring, particularly in the case of certain symptoms of moderate apnea-hypopnea. What’s new is the way it works. If a person assumes an unsuitable position, the device emits a gentle vibration to encourage them to return to the correct position, without disrupting their sleep. The device will also record positions, and computerized reporting will provide an overview of treatment effectiveness.

Next meeting with the European Sleep Research Society, in Bologna in 2016.