Our sleep center Cenas sponsor for the 12th edition of the Grand Prix du Collège du Léman

Did you know ?

Last Tuesday, our sleep center Cenas was present at the 12th Grand Prix du Collège du Léman to raise awareness and inform students and their parents of the importance of quality sleep. This year’s theme was precisely the importance of sleep to excel at school and in other fields. Here’s a look back at this important event for Collège du Léman students and teachers.

In bright sunshine, 500 students of over 100 nationalities, along with their teachers, set off on the course set for the Collège du Léman Grand Prix. In addition to the sporting aspect, our presence on site was aimed at raising students’ awareness of the global functioning of sleep. We provided a range of information material adapted to a young audience, on the following 3 themes:

Understanding how sleep works;
The links between a sedentary lifestyle, sleep and obesity;
The effect of tablet and telephone screens on sleep.

To make our intervention fun and attractive, we proposed a quiz for children, in the form of a true-false questionnaire. 90 children took the time to look for the answers and put their ballots in the ballot box. 10 children selected at random had the chance to win an anti-wave patch to attach behind the telephone. The patch, made in Switzerland by Emf Bioshield, protects against the waves emitted by smartphones.

The children had to answer TRUE or FALSE to the following statements:

Physical activity during the day helps you fall asleep.
The time I eat at lunchtime and in the evening has an impact on my sleep.
Using my tablet or phone at bedtime doesn’t keep me awake.

We’re delighted to have been able to share our knowledge of sleep with dozens of children and their parents. We’d like to thank Collège du Léman for this wonderful event, as well as all the participants who took the time to visit us at our stand.